1. Management Profiling (McGregor)
  2. Team Performance (Blanchard)
  3. Situational Leadership (Blanchard)
  4. Leadership Pipeline (Drotter)
  5. Team Roles (Belbin)
  6. Team Development (Tuckman)
  7. Team Appraisal (Skinner)
  8. Self Assessment (Johari)
  9. Negotiation Strategies (SMART)
  10. Decision Making (RAPID)

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2019 ARTICLE: Behavior Models

Organizational planning and decision making happens at these six levels: Strategies,Objectives, Processes (& Procedures), Activities, Tasks, and Operations. Behavioral economics relies on psychology to explain how organizations work.

This article proposes a theoretical framework to path the way for further research. The article will also highlight key assumptions and elements of each model with a link to appropriate organizational levels, and show linkages between the 20 models.


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