Lean ‘n’ Mean Sales Machine

Boil down your complex sales processes and various reporting levels into 5 simple steps of sales to support your monthly figures and annual sales forecast:

  1. Identify project timeline, budget
  2. Validate pain list, explore pain chain
  3. Qualify through presentation, demonstration
  4. Propose product and service offer
  5. Negotiate contract terms, handle objections


In this framework you will explore the Budget, the Authority, the Timeline and the Need.

Sales volumes should be up to 20% higher if you apply Lean Management principles to sales processes.

Jump Start the Engine

Are your sales efforts actually going where they should be?

Follow 10 easy steps to save up to 20% of your current sales cost.

  1. review of your existing CRM practice
  2. discussion of your accounts
  3. review of sales steps
  4. calculation of conversion rates
  5. validation of sales forecast
  6. documentation and communication protocols
  7. top-down planning: synthetic and analytical ex post evaluation, extrapolation
  8. bottom-up planning: synthetic and analytical ex ante evaluation, outlook
  9. new segments, new products, new markets
  10. action plan, risk analysis

MindSet, SkillSet, ToolKit: Sales Coaching – Creative Workshop

Enable your sales teams to deliver on target, and  managers to motivate and control through implementing lean management techniques. Should you require hands-on experience with various CRM tools to improve you sales tracking, marketing campaigns or customer service, let us know.

Our sales development team will help plan a two-day in-door session to implement transparent sales processes and reporting tools you can rely on. Get started today by contacting us to discuss sales and/or planning processes to enhance.