Strategic Plan in 20 Hours

Our ASP tested across cultures and industries will enable your team to work in sync with your organizational values. Cover three levels in three days:

  1. Plan to Plan, Assess Values, Formulate Mission
  2. Strategic Business Model, Measure Performance, Analyse Gaps
  3. Integrate Action Plans, Plan Contingencies, Implement 

2017 ARTICLE: Strategy in Action


Professional Background

Founder Dr. Endre Horvath started in higher education in 1993, designing and delivering Business Communications courses at Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

After a Fulbright grant at GW in 1996/97, and consulting for the World Bank, Endre returned to Budapest and has worked with public, financial and ICT organizations.

Dr. Horvath demonstrates a novel approach to management, combining global methodologies and techniques with East European culture and experience.

Are We Strategy-Ready?

Schedule a meeting with Budasys experts in order to perform a readiness check for strategic planning. You will asked to respond to 16 simple questions on your organization to determine next steps.