Customer Testimonials

Endre is an excellent lecturer and project manager. Great contact and collaboration. I absolutely recommend working together with Endre.

International Director, Academia

I worked with Mr. Horváth on East European sales projects for several years, in the field of ICT. In those volatile, and ever changing business economies, based on his valuable advice, I could rebuild my small company’s sales processes so the sales figures grew by 50% per year. I really recommend his training and consulting services.

Senior Partner, Telecom

I fully recommend Mr Horváth and the Budasys Team for professional training and business consultation in various fields. General management including strategy development and resource management, sales strategy, sales force development and project management are their key competencies in my view. Budasys builds their training program on a great mix of their real life experience and theoretical models, tailored to their clients’ business. Have a very productive time with them!

Lead Consultant, HR

I recommend the professional training built by Budasys. We worked together on a sales force development training course; it was a great combination of forming our best practice based sales cycle, teaching and applying sales techniques and team building. The Budasys team lead by Mr. Horváth delivered professional training with a long term effect on our sales team.

Managing Director, IT

Over 110 Customers with 150+ Success Stories

Budasys Services was started in 1997 in an effort to serve European enterprise through providing training and consulting services. Founders late Dr. Etelka Kaiser, M.D., and Dr. Endre Horvath, Ph.D. combined skills acquired during decades of public service in the fields of health care and education.

Budasys Services will provide a combination of local market intelligence and international methodologies, in order to establish a common ground for local teams and international management.

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Dr. Endre Horvath, Ph.D.

Founding Partner